Use These Security Measures To Protect Yourself, Your Staff, And Your Stock At Your Liquor Store

If you've decided to open your own liquor store, you'll need to make safety one of your key focuses. You want the store to be a place that community members can visit to pick up their favorite beverages, not somewhere that criminals think about shoplifting or even robbing. The good news is that there are several options at your disposal that will help you to create a safe environment for you, your staff, and your customers — as well as prevent the loss of your stock. Here are some security measures that you should implement:

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must when you run a retail business, and you'll want to take a comprehensive approach to setting up security cameras around your liquor store. Start with exterior cameras, including those that an operator can control from inside the store. Cameras mounted to capture people entering and exiting the store, as well as focusing on the parking lot, are valuable. Interior cameras are also critical. Every foot of the liquor store should be covered on camera; this will allow your staff to monitor patrons who might otherwise be out of direct sight. You also want cameras positioned around the cash.

Exterior Lights

One way to make your liquor store feel safer and more welcoming for patrons, as well as discourage those who may target the business for criminal reasons, is with exterior lights. Liquor stores are commonly open late, which means that people will often be visiting after dark. The exterior of your building should have outward-facing lights that brightly illuminate the parking lot, sidewalk, and the sides of your building. Remember, security cameras work best when the area they're recording is brightly lit, so these two security devices go hand in hand.

Security Door

While you might wish to have smash-resistant glass or bars across the glass on your liquor store's front door, you should also think about the security that your back door offers. This is the door that delivery personnel will commonly use, and it needs to offer a high level of security to lower the risk of criminals attempting to break into the back of the business where you store your wares. A solid steel door should be present, and you should make sure that it has a peephole. This way, your staff can assess who might be outside knocking before unlocking the door and allowing the person to enter.

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If you've decided to open your own liquor store, you'll need to make safety one of your key focuses. You want the store to be a place that community m

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