2 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Bourbon For Your Mixed Drinks

Whether you plan on making Rob Roy's or mint julep at your next social gathering, you probably want to make sure you select a bourbon that will complement and enhance the flavors of the other ingredients. If you having problems deciding on the brand and type you should purchase, use the following tips below for choosing the ideal bourbon for your mixed drinks.

Find Out What Was Used to Make the Bourbon

One thing you should do when making your bourbon selection is find out the main ingredient from which it was made. Depending on the grain that was used during the fermentation process, each type of bourbon will have a distinctive flavor.

For example, if wheat was used to make the alcohol, the bourbon will have a hint of sweetness. However, if rye was used during the fermentation process, you would notice a spicy bite when the liquor hits your tongue.

Which type of bourbon you choose depends on the drinks you plan to make. If you want to make mint juleps, a wheat-based bourbon would best complement the sweet and refreshing flavor of the drink. However, Rob Roy's tend to have a stouter flavor, so a rye-based bourbon would be ideal for it.

Consider the Age of the Liquor

After deciding which base you wish to have for your bourbon, the next thing to consider is its age. Older bourbons tend to have a stronger, bolder taste than younger bourbons since they have had more time to ferment.

When choosing the age of your liquor, you may not want to go with the oldest bourbon available for your mixed drinks. While the richer flavor may complement the other ingredients, it could also be watered down by them. If you want to fully appreciate the full flavor of an older bourbon, you may want to simply pour it over ice.

However, you probably do not want to opt for a very young bourbon for your drinks. Because they are freshly fermented, the liquor may still have a slightly sour taste from the mash. Instead, choose a mid-range age of bourbon for your mixed drinks to achieve the ideal flavor without masking the fullness of the alcohol.

Using the tips above can help you select the right bourbon for your mixed cocktails. If you need further guidance, ask a representative at the liquor store, like East Side Wine & Spirits, and inquire about their recommendations for the ideal bourbon for the particular drinks you plan on making.

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