4 Reasons Whiskey Lovers Should Try Irish Whiskey

Whiskey is a classic beverage that's delicious when served alone or mixed into a cocktail. Whiskey is typically made from a corn mash that is allowed to ferment before being distilled. There are many types of whiskey to savor, including bourbon, scotch, and rye whiskey. Irish whiskey, as the name suggests, originates in Ireland and has a distinct flavor of its own. Here are a few reasons every whiskey lover should try Irish whiskey:

1. It has a smooth, mellow flavor.

Irish whiskey has a mellow taste that's perfect for novice whiskey drinkers. It goes through the distillation process three times, which removes impurities and leads to a more mild flavor. Some people describe the flavor as fruity, which will appeal to wine connoisseurs. If you're hoping to expand your horizons by trying new things, Irish whiskey provides an excellent introduction to whiskey.

2. It lends itself well to classic cocktails.

The smooth flavor of Irish whiskey is perfect for many classic cocktails. If you enjoy old fashioned cocktails with their distinctive blend of bitters, sugar, and orange zest, you can use two ounces of Irish whiskey in place of the more traditional bourbon. You can even make a Manhattan with Irish whiskey. Simply blend Irish whiskey with sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters, stir it with ice, then strain before serving.

3. It can be budget-friendly.

Irish whiskey can be an affordable beverage. Blended Irish whiskey is made by combining many whiskeys together to create a final product. Whiskey isn't blended haphazardly. Experts blend in careful amounts of various whiskeys to make a finished spirit with a balanced flavor. Blended whiskey is more inexpensive than single malt whiskey, since it can be served without extensive aging without a loss in quality.

4. It can be aged to perfection.

Some people prefer single malt Irish whiskey. Single malt whiskey is created from one batch of grain mash. It is distilled and allowed to ferment until it reaches peak flavor. Single malt enthusiasts often appreciate the more subtle flavors that can be found in whiskey that has been aged slowly over time.

When you're ready to experience the taste of true Irish whiskey, look for an Irish whiskey importer near you. There's no substitute for the warm, fruity flavor of high quality whiskey. Try several brands to find the whiskey that works best for your palate. You may even wish to buy several bottles to use for various occasions.

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